Blue is Lucky (Sleek N Sassy Inspired)

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Blue is Lucky (Sleek N Sassy Inspired)

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:37 am

Tutorial Title: Blue is Lucky
Written By: DesignsByKarma
Written On: March 13, 2012

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its tools. It was written in PspX2 but may be done in previous versions. My tutorials are from my own creative imagination any resemblance to other tutorials is strictly coincidental. If I am using a brush, mask, frame, tube, template or preset that belongs to you and I do not have you listed please let me know which items is yours and give me a link to your site so I can give you credit and a link!!

Materials: Not Included:
1 scrapkit: FairlyIrish-Blue: By: Sleek N Sassy Designz and can be purchased at Scrappindollars
1 template: Template 44: By: Designs By Doris
1 tube: I am using the wonderful art work of [url="]Barbara Jensen[/url]and must be purchased at Barbara Jensen Tubes

Materials: Supplies
1 mask
1 gold pattern

Plug-Ins Used: Not Provided:
Toadies: Weaver , Look, Butthead, a TV!
Eye Candy 5 Impact: Glass

Settings used throughout tutorial:
Mosaic Antique: 87, check symmetric, 87, 4, 98
Mask Drop Shadow: (-1), 2, 45, 3 , #000000
Deco Drop Shadow: 0, 4, 100, 10, #000000
Element Drop Shadow: 0, (-Cool, 45, 15, #5d849
Heart Glass: Settings tab: Clear: Basic: 75.00, 35.00,0,Inside selection checked, #acacac, 0,0, 50,75,75,45.00,20
Weave: 1,1,55,#ffffff uncheck gaps fill
Wordart Drop Shadow: 2,5,84,6,#000000

Unzip all supplies. Let's Begin!

Tutorial: Instructions:

1. Open template: SHIFT+D and close origianal
a. Delete the following layers:
i. Raster 11
ii. Raster 12
iii. Raster 13
iv. Raster 14
b. High light raster layer 1:

2. Open paper10: CTRL+C and close

3. On template: CTRL+SHIFT+L
b. Layers: Load / Save Mask: 8_25 : Check invert.
c. Merge group
d. Effects: Plugins: Toadies: Weaver: Default settings.
e. Effects: Texture Effects: Mosaic Antique: Using the settings above.
f. Apply Mask Drop Shadow above

4. Highlight raster 3:
b. Layers: New Layer:
c. Fill with gold pattern or pattern of your choosing.
d. Add Deco Drop Shadow above
e. Repeat this for raster 5
f. Delete original layers

5. Open element 6: CTRL+C and close

6. On template highlight raster 16
a. CTRL+L move to the left side (see mine for placement)
b. Move this layer down under raster 10
c. Apply element drop shadow above
d. Highlight raster 8
ii. Layers: new layer

7. Open paper 1: CTRL+C and close

8. On template: CTRL+SHIFT+L
a. Do not deselect
b. Effects: Eye Candy 5 Impact: Glass: apply the heart glass setting above:
c. CTRL+D ; delete original layer

9. Highlight raster layer 9:
b. Layers: New Layer:
c. Flood fill with a color from your tube (one that will enhance the paper color)
d. Apply the heart glass effect again.

10. Repeat step 9 for raster 6 (change your color if you like)
a. Repeat step 8 for raster 7 (change paper if you like)

11. Highlight raster 10:
b. Layers: new layer

12. Open paper 2: CTRL+C and close

13. On template CTRL+SHIFT+L
a. Deselect
b. Effects: Texture Effects: Weave: with Weave settings above.
c. Apply the deco drop shadow above.
d. Apply again changing the horizontal to - 4
e. Delete original layer

14. Highlight raster 2
b. Layers: New layer
c. Flood fill with your color you used for the hearts. (if you used 2 different colors then pick one or create a gradient with them.)
d. Layers: New Layer: flood fill with white
e. Effects: Toadies: Look, Butthead, a TV!: default settings
g. Change blend mode to overlay and opacity to 50
h. SHIFT+S: 600 px (width) all layers checked

15. Open your tube: CTRL+C and close

16. On template highlight raster 10 or your pink oval layer:
b. Highlight raster 14 or your tv lines layer:
c. CTRL+L: move to the right side (see mine for placement)
d. CTRL+SHIFT+I hit your delete key
f. Duplicate your tube:
g. On duplicated layer: Adjust: Blur: Gaussian Blur: 2.10, Change blend mode to burn

17. Open element 48: CTRL+C and close

18. On template: CTRL+L
a. SHIFT+S: 225 px (width) all layers unchecked
b. Move this to the left side over the small heart. (see mine for placement)
c. Delete the heart layer.
d. Apply the element drop shadow above.
e. Duplicate: CTRL+M and move down over the other heart.
f. Delete heart layer

19. Open element 27: CTRL_C and close

20. On template: CTRL+L
a. SHIFT+S: 500 px (width) all layers unchecked
b. Move to the bottom of the tag.
c. Apply the wordart drop shadow above
21. Open element 25: CTRL+C and close

22. On template: CTRL+L
a. SHIFT+S: 132
b. Move to the top of the L (see mine for placement)
c. CTRL+R: Right: 23.00
d. Apply wordart drop shadow

23. Open element 26: CTRL+C and close

24. On template CTRL+L
a. SHIFT+S: 333 px (width) all layers uncheked
b. Move to the upper right hand corner (see mine for placement) Adjust: Sharpen:
c. Add deco drop shadow:

25. Open element 11: CTRL+C and close

26. On template: CTRL+L
a. SHIFT+S: 150 px (width) all layers unchecked
b. Add mask drop shadow
c. Move to the bottom of template (see mine for placement)

27. Merge all flatten:
a. SHIFT+S: 600 px (width) all layers checked.
b. Add your copyright information, water mark and text.

28. Save as .jpg

If you would like to do the name like I did follow these steps:
1. Add your name:
2. Covert to raster layer:
4. Selections: modify: expand: 2
5. Layers: New Layer: Flood fill white
7. On white layer: Adjust: Blur: Gaussian Blur: 2.10

You have just completed: … Blue is Lucky ...Thank you for trying my tutorials.

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