Incredimail Side Border Tutorial

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Incredimail Side Border Tutorial

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:02 pm

These instructions / tutorial is copyrighted ©DesignsByKarma
You can share this tutorial with your groups.
You cannot repost these instructions / tutorial to any site without my permission

Incredimail Sideborder Tutorial

Required Items:
1. Incredimail
2. Active Email Account already set up in Incredimail
3. Incredimail Letter Creator
4. Your letter images

These instructions / tutorial will help you create / edit letters that were created by you.

Creating your letter
Open up the letter creator software.

The default tab is Body: (this is where you start)

Click Image: Load your image: If the tile button is not clicked then click it.
Choose your font, font size, font color, and link color.
Set your margin by clicking on the up arrow key set it to your liking (your header will be set automatically at this margin)

Click on the Header tab:

Click on image: Load your image:
(Hint: You can click on your header then click the link button add your url or e-mail address so that if someone clicks on the header the can either e-mail or go directly to your url)

Click on the Footer tab:

This is where you can add any information you would like to show at the bottom of your letters. I put the following information in mine:
Incredimail Letter By:
ArtWork: ©
Purchased At:
Used with License Number:
Purchased At:
Sometimes I add an image to match the letter to do that just click on the image button as you have done before.

You can add effects to your letter by clicking on the 3D Effects tab.
The finish tab is where you name your letter, save it and then install it to the incredimail program.

To make it easier on myself I create a template for each PTU Company, PTU Artist (if they are individual or have to have a special license) and FTU Artists. That way all I have to do is open up the proper incredimail template, add the images change the Letter name, save with the new letter name and then install the letter into incredimail.

I hope this short tutorial helped if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

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