Chained Love (TootyPup Inspired)

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Chained Love (TootyPup Inspired)

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:37 pm

Tutorial Title: Chained Love
Written By: DesignsByKarma
Written On: January 1, 2011

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and its tools. It was written in PspX2 but may be done in previous versions. My tutorials are from my own creative imagination any resemblance to other tutorials is strictly coincidental. If I am using a brush, mask, frame, tube, template or preset that belongs to you and I do not have you listed please let me know which items is yours and give me a link to your site so I can give you credit and a link!!

Materials: Not Included:
1 Scrap Kit: Fallen Angels: By: TootyPupScraps
1 Template: Temp64 By: Addictive Pleasures
3 Tubes: I am using the beautiful work of © Elias Chatzoudis and must be purchased at PspTubesEmporium (PTE) (This particular work of art was purchased when he was with MPT)

Materials: Included: Supplies
1 Wordart: By: DesignsByKarma

Settings used throughout tutorial:
Texture: Weave: 2,10,1, #ffffff, #ffffff, check fill gaps
Dropshadow: 1,1,40,4.00,#000000

Unzip all supplies. Let's Begin!

Tutorial: Instructions:
1. Open template: SHIFT+D: Close original
a. Delete Copyright Layer
b. Highlight raster 8: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CRTL+SHIFT+F

2. Open paper 8: CTRL+C and close

3. On Template: CTRL+L,
a. Move the paper to your liking
c. Hit delete key
e. Delete original raster layer.

4. Repeat step 3. For copy of raster 8 layer.

5. Highlight raster layer 9:

6. Open paper 16: CTRL+C and close

7. Repeat step 3 and then again for the copy of raster 9 layer.

8. Highlight: Raster 5: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

9. Open paper 5: CTRL+C and close

10. Repeat step 3.

11. Highlight: Raster 6: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

12. Open paper 3: CTRL+C and close

13. Repeat step 3.

14. Highlight: Raster layer 2: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

15. Repeat step 3 and then again for the copy of raster 2 layer.

16. On both of the new layers add the weave effect and drop shadow above.

17. Highlight: Raster layer 4: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

18. Open paper 1: CTRL+C and close

19. Repeat step 3 and then again for the copy of raster 4 layer.

20. Highlight: Raster 3 layer: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

21. Open paper 3: CTRL+C and close

22. Repeat step 3: Do Not Delete Original Layer: Change the Opacity to 75

23. Highlight: the small square layer (Raster 9 is what mine is layered):

24. Open rose_deco 2: CTRL+C and close

25. On template: CTRL+L and duplicate. Merge down

26. Open cloud-1: Resize: 70 % bicubic: CTRL+C and close

27. On template: CTRL+L and arrange to top

28. Highlight the rose deco layer: Using your eraser erase the part of the rose deco that is showing through the bottom of the cloud. (see mine for an example)

29. Highlight the medium size circle layer: (mine is labeled raster 14): CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

30. Open your main tube: CTRL+C and close.

31. On Template: CTRL+L
a. CTRL+SHIFT+I: Using your eraser erase the part of the tube that is hanging over the bottom of the larger circle. (see mine for an example) Move this layer below the cloud layer. Add drop shadow

32. Open up another tube: CTRL+C and close

33. Highlight small circle (mine is labeled raster 2) CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F

34. On template: CTRL+L, move your tube inside the circle to your liking. (see mine for an example)
b. Hit your delete key
d. Add drop shadow

35. Open your last tube: CTRL+C and close

36. On template: highlight the other small circle ( mine is labeled raster 16) CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F
a. Layers: New Layer:
d. Add drop shadow

37. Open up my word art. CTRL+C and close

38. On template: CTLR+L and move to your liking or place like mine.
a. Add drop shadow

39. Merge all:
a. Resize: 500 px.

40. Add copyright, text and water mark.

41. Save as .jpg

You have just completed: Criminally Insane...Thank you for trying my tutorials.

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