What's In Your Basket

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What's In Your Basket

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:41 pm

Scrap Designer :  Candy Treates
Tutorial Writer:  CreationsByKarma4You


Materials Not Included
· F.T.U  Scrap Kit: Torn affections ; By: CandyTreats - Here
· Template: What's in your basket ; By: MsGoddess2u - Here
· 2 images of your choosing: The 2 images I used can be found at  www.sxc.hu  (they have free images as well as paid images.

Materials Included:
· Bunny
· Balloons
· Candy_Star
· Chocolate_Bunny
· Jellybean

Settings Used Throughout
· Drop-shadow: 3,0,60,5.00,#000000
· Inner Bevel: Bevel ( #2, width 1),Image ( 32,10,32,23) Light: (Color: #ffffff, 54,50,30)
· Drop-shadow: 5,-13,60,5.00,#000000
· Drop-shadow: (for bunny): 2,4,60,12,#000000
Tutorial Instructions:
Open up "What's in your basket  (MG2U_wiyb2011_temp - original file name) Shift+D close out the original for later use.

Step 1: On template delete the watermark layer: Click on the staple layer:  Open up the ballons (in the included materials - I already have them resized for this tutorial)  CTRL+C and close the balloons)Activate the template image

Step 2: CTRL+L move the balloons up under the word "What's" add drop-shadow above. Open up the affection1 (paper): CTRL+C and close: Activate the template

Step 3: Highlight the wordart: (not the shadow layers) CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIT+F add a new layer: CTRL+SHIFT+L, add the inner bevel above. CTRL+D, Highlight the Half Circle Dots layer: Open up crumpled3 (paper ) CTRL+C and close. Activate the template.

Step 4: CTRL+A,CTRL+F,CTRL+SHIFT+F: CTLR+L, CTRL+SHIFT+I, hit the delete key.(make sure you are on the paper layer) Hide the original layer. Repeat for the right and left dots layers. (you will have to move the paper over to cover the dots for each layer) Activate raster 4 , merge down, activate raster 5, merge down (rename this finale layer as dots) Open block3 (paper) CTRL+C and close, activate the template.

Step 5: Activate the circle layer: CTRL+A,CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F, CTRL+L, CTRL+SHIFT+I hit the delete key (make sure your on the paper layer) hide the original layer. Open up crumpled3 (paper) CTRL+C and close, Activate the template.

Step 6: Activate the circle white frame layer, CTRL+A, CTRL+F,CTRL+SHIT+F, CTRL+L, CTRL+SHIFT+I, hit the delete key.(make sure you are on the paper layer) Hide the original layer. Open up block1 paper CTRL+C and close, activate template, activate the circle frame layer,

Step 7: CTRL+A, CTRL+F, CTRL+SHIFT+F, CTRL+L, CTRL+SHIFT+I, hit the delete key. (make sure your on the paper layer) Open up the candy_star. CTRL+C and close, activate the template.

Step 8: Activate the grass1 layer: CTRL+L, arrange layer underneath the grass1 layer  move to the left side of the basket, apply Drop-shadow above (the one under the inner bevel ), Open each jelly beans, CTRL+C one and close . Activate the template, make sure your on the candy_star layer

Step 9: CTRL+L, move down just a bit (see mine for an example),  open up the chocolate_bunny, CTRL+C and close, activate the template, activate the jellybean layer,

Step 10: CTRL+L, move to the center of basket just a bit (see mine for an example)- add first drop-shadow above,

Step 11: Activate the ribbons layer either use your change target tool or colorize (SHIFT+L) I use the change target tool,  activate the glitter weave colorize this layer too ( I used same color as ribbons), activate main basket layer colorize this as well. Open up one of your images, CTRL+C, activate the template, activate polaroid 2 background,  CTRL+A,CTRL+F,CTRL+SHIFT+F, add new layer: CTRL+SHIFT+L, CTRL+H: 32, CTRL+SHIFT+I, hit your delete key 3  or 4 times. Duplicate this layer, on duplicated layer go to Adjust: Gaussian Blur: 5.00, change blend mode to multiply, do the same thing for polaroid1 either with same image or a new image.  Open bunny CTRL+C, activate the template

Step 12: CTRL+L, move to the left side of the basket , add drop shadow for the bunny above

Step 13: Merge all , SHIFT+S: 500 pixels , add your watermark and copyright information. Add your name, drop-shadow if you like and Save as  .jpg.

You have now completed my "What's in your basket" tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.  Any questions or concerns please contact Karma at: creationsbykarma4you@gmail.com
Happy Creating!


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